Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perl 6 Documentation

There's copious amounts of documentation for Perl 6 in the form of the Synopses but sometimes it just doesn't explain things in a way that mere mortals can understand. In order to help these mortals I've created a github project for other, hopefully more approachable Perl 6 documents. This repository can be found at http://github.com/perlpilot/perl6-docs

I figure there will be 3 kinds of documents that will be useful to have:
  • Introductions
  • Tutorials
  • Quick References
Check out the README for what goes in these documents.

I've seeded the repository with the beginnings of a Perl 6 Regex quick ref and an article I wrote a while back as an introduction to Perl 6 Regex.

I haven't actually thought too much about other people contributing to the repository yet. I mainly started this because I've always got ideas kicking around for things to write about but I rarely start something. This repository gives me a place to at least start writing (I have no excuses now!). But if someone wants a commit bit, just email me at duff@pobox.com.

Also, earlier today on #perl6 we talked about various book efforts relating to Perl 6. I don't know if books on Perl 6 should also go here, but I'm certainly not opposed to it if someone wants to contribute :-)

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