Monday, September 7, 2009 weirdness

The other day something strange happened. I tried azawawi's one-liner for upgrading Padre on my linux desktop. What happened was that the latest Padre (0.45) was downloaded and installed, but then so was version 0.40. I didn't realize that this had happened immediately, but once the upgrade was finished, I wanted to see something different, so I fired up Padre and went to Help -> About. I was shocked to see "Padre 0.40". So then I typed padre --version on the command line and again, it told me "Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment 0.40". Still disbelieving, I asked on #padre how to tell the version of Padre installed and they, of course, said padre --version.

It was at this point that I realized I still had the window history available in the window I had typed the command originally. I scrolled back through the output and there it was, plain as day; first in the original upgrade list was Padre 0.45 to upgrade Padre itself and then Padre 0.40 to upgrade Padre::Wx::Menu::Experimental (whatever that is). Weird. So, I ran the one-liner again while paying close attention to the output this time. This time it installed Padre 0.45 as expected ... and then installed Padre 0.44 because of Padre::Plugin::Perl5.

I don't know what was going on, but perhaps it was an old version of because when I ran the same one-liner on my laptop, it worked flawlessly (I'll have to check the desktop tomorrow as it's at work and I'm not :). I have had weirdness before on my desktop since it was where I first installed Padre almost a year ago, so maybe that factored in somehow too. Anyway, in the end I just installed Padre 0.45 specifically and only and that worked just fine.

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