Monday, September 7, 2009

Things I wish were different in Padre

I've been using Padre as my primary editor for the last several days and I have to say that it's awesome. I've thoroughly enjoyed using it. However, there are some small things that tend to annoy so I thought I'd at least write them down so that, if nothing else, I'll have a list of potential things to hack into Padre if the mood takes me. And I'm making the list public in this way so that maybe even the LazyWeb will do the work for me :-)

In no particular order ...
  • The find dialog box appears right in the middle of the window and I always have to move it out of the way to see the text underneath. I think something like Firefox's find-at-the-bottom status bar would work well instead.

  • The mechanism for changing what language Padre thinks the document is written in is a little bit too cumbersome. There are times when I'm looking at some random perl file, but Padre doesn't figure out that it's Perl. So I have to go View -> View Document As -> and then select the appropriate language. I'd like something a little more Textmate-ish where I can click on the text in the status bar that indicates the language of the document and be able to select from the list there.

  • I wish there were a keystroke for deleting an entire line. There may actually be one, but I don't know what it is and I can't seem to find it.

  • The documentation could use a little work. :-) In searching for keystrokes that might delete a line, I stumbled across Control-D which apparently duplicates the current line. Later I was looking through the help and came across this:
    (TODO What is Ctrl-D ?, duplicate the current line?)

  • I can't seem to copy from the DocBrowser

  • DocBrowser Search doesn't seem to do anything useful as everything I search for ends in "no results found for ..."

  • Not really a Padre problem, but the vi plugin doesn't seem to support many editing keystrokes that I use all the time. I've been using Padre with the vi plugin turned off because of this, but I really wish one of two things would come to pass:
    1. the vi plugin supported more of the keystrokes I tend to use in vi or
    2. Padre provides some keystrokes of its own to do the things that I tend to want to do (like delete an entire line).
    Using Padre for the past week or so has made me realize that I'm not so tied to vi as I often think I am and that I could be happy with #2

  • There have been times when I'm clicking through a directory structure and the ".." entry at the top disappears. I'm not sure exactly when it happens, but it seems to happen whenever I click into a Catalyst project directory. I have to change the listing mode view to "navigate" to get it back and be able to navigate to the parent dir.

  • I really wish that padre would background itself when run from the command line. And that padre . would start the directory browser in the current directory.

Okay ... enough of that. These are just the little things that I've run across; nothing major. But it's the little things that affect your quality of life. Right now Padre is awesome but could use a few small QoL adjustments to make me happier.


  1. We love these comments. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the post though it is usually better to report the bugs and issues on our bug tracking system. For now I opened one linking to this post